After being with TD for almost 10 years now, many have asked me why I've chosen to work there for as long I have. The truth of why I've remained here is a simple one. I am fortunate enough to have discovered an organization whose beliefs, values, culture, passion for people development, and view on diversity, align with mine. One of those beliefs is the commitment we have to strengthen and bring together the communities where we operate. At TD, this is not an option; it is a must. As a community leader, I have a responsibility to actively seek opportunities to step forward and make a difference where I live so that others are inspired to do the same. In supporting MississaugaGives, I have proudly become an advocate of Nicole and Gabby, who are promoting a movement of giving across our city, which will take place the day after Cyber Monday; a day in which so many are 'getting'.


The fact is that we live in such a diverse city. Mississauga is as vibrant as ever. But, there's still work to do. The reality is that suffering is taking place in own backyard; whether it be hunger, mental illness, financial literacy, the list goes on. The defining view on this is whether we see these situations as problems, or opportunities. I always applaud and endorse those who decide to carry the flag to support those in need. And, in Mississauga, we have so many charitable organizations who are making a difference. But, they need our support to continue their missions. What MississaugaGives does, is rally around the concept that together we can make a change by promoting giving to charities who, on our behalf, ignite change for the better. When I first learned about what Nicole and Gabby were doing with MississaugaGives, I knew I had to act to show them that I believed in them and their cause. I got in touch with the 19 other TD Branch Managers in Mississauga and gathered enough funds for TD to become a Gold Sponsor for them. Why? Because supporting a movement of giving is what we should do as community leaders.


The challenge I put forward to you is to also act. Somehow find a way to give on November 29th. Any donation, whether it be donating your time, or money, even if it's a small amount, is still a step in the right direction. Not only are you helping incredible organizations be there to help those in need, you are making a contribution to where you live. You are putting your hand up to say that you made a donation to moving your community forward. It's this mindset that if we continue to push forward, will not only further Mississauga's legacy of acceptance and compassion, but it will also move us closer to becoming a city of relief for those who need it most. That's what I stand for, that's what TD stands for, and that's what MississaugaGives is an ambassador of.


Let's make November 29th not only a day of giving, but a day of progress. In the end, if someone doesn't act on an idea, that's all it will ever be; an idea. Let's support, MississaugaGives, who actually made an idea to better our community come to life.

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